Suchard Cocoa, Artist unknown
Suchard Cocoa, Artist unknown Enlarge

Suchard Cocoa

Artist: Artist unknown
Year: 1906
Size: 111 x 74 cm / 43.7 x 29.1″
Price: CHF1800

About this poster

In the early 20th century, the Suchard chocolate company published a series of posters featuring views of famous Swiss travel destinations. These were the first photographic travel posters in Switzerland, and very early considering that photography only really began to be used in posters from the 1930s. The Suchard posters were printed using the photochrom process, which was invented at the Orell Füssli printing company in Zurich in the 1880s. This rare historic poster from 1906 shows a beautiful view of Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva and the Dent du Midi in the background. A rare gem of Swiss poster history.

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