Lucerna – Finest Swiss Chocolates, Artist unknown
Lucerna – Finest Swiss Chocolates, Artist unknown Enlarge

Lucerna – Finest Swiss Chocolates

Artist: Artist unknown
Year: 1905
Size: 99 x 146 cm / 39 x 57.5″
Price: CHF1800

About this poster

This original poster advert for Lucerna chocolate from the turn of the last century shows a humorous fantasy scene in the sky above the city of Lucerne with Mount Pilatus: planet Earth bites contentedly into a bar of chocolate, while other planets look on enviously with wide eyes and open mouths. The "Lucerna" chocolate factory was founded in 1904 and wanted to conquer the world market, but the company went bankrupt in 1911 and the factory was sold. Rare original poster from the 1900s in landscape format.

Poster details

CHF 1,800.00Order