Müller & Bernhard Chocolate (Gartenzwerge), Walter Marty
Müller & Bernhard Chocolate (Gartenzwerge), Walter Marty Enlarge

Müller & Bernhard Chocolate (Gartenzwerge)

Artist: Walter Marty
Year: 1910
Size: 75 x 52.5 cm / 29.5 x 20.7″

About this poster

A sweet and funny original poster from the early 20th century featuring mountain gnomes sledging with various chocolate products from the Müller & Bernhard company. The company was founded in Chur in 1893 by Carl Georg Bernhard and Charles Müller-Hähl. In 1925 it was transformed into Chocolat Grison AG, which was bought by Lindt & Sprüngli in 1961. The chocolate factory in Chur closed down in 1991, but the “Grison” chocolate brand lives on and today belongs to Kohler Chocolates.

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