Hamol Ultra – sun protection cream, Alfred Rudin
Hamol Ultra – sun protection cream, Alfred Rudin Enlarge

Hamol Ultra – sun protection cream

Artist: Alfred Rudin
Year: 1941
Size: 128 x 90 cm / 50.4 x 35.4″
Price: CHF1250

About this poster

Ultimately, one thing is indispensable for winter sports besides skis and poles: a protective sunscreen. All the young skier has in her luggage is a huge tube of Hamol ultra cream! Thus equipped, she sets off at a good pace for the snowy slopes. Her winter tan is remarkably enhanced by the sun-kissed blonde of her hair. She wears an elegant pale pink cap that matches her gloves. A red scarf accompanies her tanned profile, silhouetted against a halo-like winter sun which illuminates a few snow crystals in the air. The light colour of her clothes emphasises the intended contrasting effect.

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