Winter Sports in the Grisons, Koch, Walther, d‘après
Winter Sports in the Grisons, Koch, Walther, d‘après Enlarge

Winter Sports in the Grisons

Artist: Koch, Walther, d‘après
Year: 1980
Size: 58 x 45 cm / 22.8 x 17.7″
Price: CHF680

About this poster

Walther Koch in this collectible poster promotes winter sport in Switzerland. The artist here touches a subject he is familiar with and knows best. Walter Koch throughout his career designed similar posters showing different winter sport scenes. At the time, skiing make it possible to visit the mountains that were often dangerous and inaccessible to climb. Posters therefore often showed skiers stopping and admiring the magnificent scenery, as Walther Koch did in this masterpiece, he designed in 1907. Artifiche can offer a limited and numbered edition of this handmade lithograph technique of 1980 produced by the Wolfensberger printers.