Exhibition “La grafica per l’aperitivo” in Chiasso

“La grafica per l’aperitivo” in Chiasso, Switzerland exhibits a piece of history of advertisement with relating to the Swiss canton of Tessin, for companies with reputable brands such as Branca, Carpano, Martini, Cinzano und Cynar were located in Chiasso. Artists such as Marcello Dudovich, Mario Gros, Fortunato Depero, Franz Lenhardt, Adolf Hohenstein und Guido Crepax created numerous advertisment posters. The exhibition in Max Museo lasts until 10 Januar 2016.

Further information: www.centroculturalechiasso.ch (in Italian)

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Artifiche AG – Beatrice Müller
19 November 2015

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Artifiche AG – Beatrice Müller
19. November 2015