Etienne Delessert

Etienne Delessert was born in 1941 in Lausanne and now lives in Connecticut.
Widely recognised as one of the finest contemporary illustrators, he is the creator of over 80 children’s books. In the United States his delightful and thought-provoking illustrations have won him nine gold and six silver medals from the Society of Illustrators, and the 1996 Hamilton King Award. He has been awarded the Premio Grafico two times from the Bologna Book Fair in Italy.

Delessert’s drawings have also appeared in leading magazines and newspapers such as The Atlantic Monthly and The New York Times. His animated films include the adventures of the little character know as Yok-Yok and several creations for Sesame Street. His paintings have been exhibited in a one-man retrospectiv at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in the Louvre, and in retrospectives in Italy, Switzerland, France, Canada and the United States, including the Library of Congress in Washington DC.

‘The Endless Party’, Eugene lonesco’s ‘Stories Number 1 and 2’, ‘A Long Long Song’, ‘How the Mouse’, ‘Ashes Ashes’, ‘Dance’ and ‘The Seven Dwarfs’ have established his reputation worldwide as one of the fathers of modern children’s picture books.

Posters by Etienne Delessert