L’ÉTÉ Á MONTE-CARLO – Les plus belles Femmes du Monde sont à Monte-Carlo

Künstler: Jean-Gabriel Domergue
Jahr: 1937
Grösse: 98 x 63 cm / 38.6 x 24.8″
Preisklasse: bis CHF4000 / EUR 4000 / USD 4000 (unverbindliche Preisempfehlung)

Über dieses Plakat

Monte Carlo, located in Monaco on the French Riviera, has long had the reputation of attracting the rich and famous from all over the world, thanks to its casino complex founded in the mid-19th century on the initiative of the royals of Monaco. This original 1930s poster proclaims that the most beautiful women in the world spend their summers in Monte Carlo. They are represented by two women, one dark-haired and one blonde-haired, both sun-kissed and supernaturally long and slender.