WINTER IN DAVOS, Mangold, Burkhard, d‘après
WINTER IN DAVOS, Mangold, Burkhard, d‘après Enlarge


Artist: Mangold, Burkhard, d‘après
Year: 1970
Size: 58 x 45 cm / 22.8 x 17.7″
Price: CHF650

About this poster

The original 1914 poster by Burkhard Mangold shows a world of continuing fun in Switzerland. In the beginning, skating was all the rage - and skiers were regarded as somewhat comic. Mangold worked as a poster artist from 1884 onwards. He became a lithographer at one of Europe’s best printing companies, “Wolfsberg”, and won numerous prizes for his exceptional poster designs. This is a reproduction lithographed in the 1980s in the same professional mannar as the original poster.

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