Fein-Kaller – Fashion for men, Artist unknown
Fein-Kaller – Fashion for men, Artist unknown Enlarge

Fein-Kaller – Fashion for men

Artist: Artist unknown
Year: 1926
Size: 90.5 x 128 cm / 35.6 x 50.4″
Price: up to CHF3000 / EUR 3000 / USD 3000 (recommended price)

About this poster

Zurich’s most famous street, the Bahnhofstrasse, was built 150 years ago. Very soon it became established as a shopping street with its splendid buildings, renowned businesses and luxurious brands, offering discerning customers everything their hearts desired. One of the most important gentlemen’s clothing stores was opened by Josef Kaller in 1895. For 116 years, Fein Kaller set high standards in terms of quality, brands, product range and service. It was closed in 2011 in its fourth generation. The posters for the former Fein-Kaller company from the 1920s and 1930s are very rare and feature original designs.

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