Davos Parsenn, Pierre Monnerat
Davos Parsenn, Pierre Monnerat Enlarge

Davos Parsenn

Artist: Pierre Monnerat
Year: 1947
Size: 100 x 64 cm / 39.4 x 25.2″
Price: up to CHF3000 / EUR 3000 / USD 3000 (recommended price)

About this poster

Lenzerheide (1500 m.a/s) is a summer and winter resort greatly favoured by the Swiss and particular by families. About two hours away from Zurich, it is a friendly village, that on either side of the road at opposite ends of the lake, the twin resorts of Lenzerheide and Valbella sit on the route to the Julierpass. Popular ski areas are on the Weisshorn, the Rothorn, the Lenzerhorn and the smaller Schwarzhorn.

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