Bernina Puschlav, Artist unknown
Bernina Puschlav, Artist unknown Enlarge

Bernina Puschlav

Artist: Artist unknown
Year: 1939
Size: 115 x 85 cm / 45.3 x 33.5″
Price: up to CHF3000 / EUR 3000 / USD 3000 (recommended price)

About this poster

The Bernina Bahn is part of the Rhaetian Railway and connects St. Moritz with Tirano in Italy, just across the border. In the Val Poschiavo (Puschlav in German), the southern part of the canton Grisons, explorers and ski enthusiasts enjoy delightful winter holidays. This rare original poster by an artist unknown to us promotes “Puschlav Holiday Travel” at a flat rate of 180 Swiss francs for 10 days, all inclusive – unimaginable by today’s standards!

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