Martin Peikert poster exhibition

The Kunsthaus Zug is showing an interesting exhibition about the Alps whose main focus is the extensive oeuvre of the Swiss graphic designer and painter Martin Peikert (1901-1975).

Peikert’s works are strongly influenced by Art Déco. His wonderful travel posters are done in a clear and recognisable style and are full of joie de vivre. He also designed the famous logo for Villars chocolate, the «Villars cow».

Concurrently with the Martin Peikert show there is an exhibition of photographic images of Alpine peaks by the Polish artist Agnieszka Kozlowska which examine the world of the early Alpine adventurers.

This exhibition at the Kunsthaus Zug lasts until 14 August 2016.


Artifiche AG, Beatrice Müller
3 August 2016

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