Niklaus Stoecklin

Niklaus STOECKLIN was born in Basel in 1896 and died in 1982.

Stoecklin’s first teacher in Basel was Burkhard Mangold who heavily influenced his style. He studied at the Basel School of Arts and Craft and created his first ‘object poster’ in 1922. He then studied the modern graphic style in Munich and became influenced by Ludwig Hohlwein and the Purist style of the great Swiss architect and designer Le Corbusier. Niklaus Stoecklin had a passion for designing object posters in the airbrush technique, as it allowed him to express the perfection of the Machine Age through a precise visual language. He also had a strong affinitiy for the lithographic printing technique, where brilliant colours and richness in texture could be achieved, making the objects look real. He did not use any headlines or copy, which made the message understandable by everyone in Switzerland, a country with four national languages. Niklaus Stoecklin is considered to be one of the first and greatest poster artists of Switzerland.

Posters by Niklaus Stoecklin