Lora Lamm

Lora Lamm was born in Arosa in 1928. In 1953, shortly after finishing her studies at the Zurich School of Arts and Crafts, she moved to Milan, where she worked at Studio Boggeri. She then joined the publicity staff of the “La Rinascente” department store. From 1958 she worked freelance for La Rinascente as well as other customers such as Pirelli and Elizabeth Arden. In 1963 she returned to Zurich, where she joined the agency of Frank C. Thiessing as a partner.
Lora Lamm created important visual concepts for clients like Cynar, Cardinal beer, Fisba-Stoffels and various European and American brands. For her outstanding work and importance as a designer, the Swiss Federal Office of Culture awarded Lora Lamm the annual Grand Prix Design Award in 2015.

Posters by Lora Lamm