Jeker, Werner , Photo: E. Windmüller

Born 1944, graphic designer.

Founder of the Graphic Design Studio „Les Ateliers du Nord“ Lausanne in 1983 with Antoine Cahen and Claude Frossard, collaboration between graphic design and industrial design. Regular collaboration with an important number of cultural, social and commercial institutions, such as the Theatre Vidy Lausanne, the Swiss Foundation for Photography, the Swiss ‘Cinematheque’ (film institute), Expo.02, museums such as ‘Art Brut’, ‘Elysee’ and ‘Arts Decoratifs’ in Lausanne, Weimar Europe’s cultural city in Germany, the ‘Cite de la Musique’, FNAC Galeries Photo and Magnum Photos in Paris, for whom he creates posters, the domain in which he achieved celebrity, but also programmes, journals, books and other graphic documents.

Communication Art Director for Weimar 99, the cultural capital of Europe in 1999.

Professor in Lausanne for 12 years, in Karlsruhe and Paris between 1995-1998.

Member of Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI).

Posters by Jeker, Werner , Photo: E. Windmüller