Hans Erni

Hans Erni was born 1909 in Lucerne.
He apprenticed in a construction company and architectual studio, then studied at the Lucerne School of Applied Arts from 1927 to 1928, later in Paris and Berlin.
In 1939 he painted a 100 m by 5 m mural for the Swiss National Exhibition in Zurich. Erni’s works have been exhibited in many places including the Helmhaus Zurich, Unesco, WHO, the World’s Fair in Brussels and the Heureka exhibiton in Zurich. In 1967 he received the art award of the city of Lucerne. Hans Erni was one of the most famous and well-known painters in Switzerland.

Hans Erni created more than 150 posters for tourism, culture, equestrian sports and the circus. Erni painted almost daily until his death in March 2015 in Lucerne at the age of 106.

Posters by Hans Erni