Gino Boccasile

Gino Boccasile was trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari and his early work was published in local magazines. As a young man, he worked in Paris and Argentina before returning to Italy where he settled down in Milan. Here he worked for the advertising agency of Achille Mauzan and then founded his own agency ACTA. In the 30’s and 40’s he was considered to be one of Italy’s best poster artists, working for companies like Borsalino, Locatelli, Martini, Pirelli, Ramazzotti and La Rinascente. His unmistakable style became famous, many of his designs and illustrations featured bold sensuous female figures which became the beauty stereotype of the period in Italy. Boccasile also worked for the fascist regime designing political and military propaganda.

Posters by Gino Boccasile